Flowing floor screeds offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, labour intensive sand cement screeds.


Right Mix have worked with LKAB Minerals to provide a high-performance anhydrite flowing and self-compacting screed to our customers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

Gypsol flowing floor screeds offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, labour intensive sand cement screeds. Gypsol can be used in all applications and construction types, from large scale projects to house builds, renovations and conservatories.

The Gypsol range of screeds can be used in all build types including traditional construction as well as timber frame, modular, lightweight steel and concrete frame whether in a small basement or in a high-rise scheme.


Gypsol Range

Gypsol is available in a range of products, installed by Right Mix and designed with end projects in mind;

A self-compacting, self-smoothing, fast-drying floor screed with a drying time of as little as 14 days (condition dependent).

A general-purpose screeding system. The most commonly used material in the range.

Gypsol HTC (High Thermal Conductivity) for use with underfloor heating and cooling systems.

An ultra-thin screed for bonded and un-bonded applications at a minimum depth of 15mm.

A thin screed suitable for bonded and un-bonded applications down to a 20mm minimum depth.

Extra strength material for use in heavy-duty applications, where loading is likely to be higher than normal.

Specially formulated and tested for use in timber frame and over timber supported floors including acoustic conditions.

Particularly fit for screeds pumped over very long distances or high buildings of 10 stories and above.

Pre-blended product supplied in 25kg bags for mixing on site. Ideal where minimal quantities are required, or access for ready-mix lorries is not possible.

Designed for use in modular construction to allow early movement of units, also for a lightweight steel frame and Lewis Decking.

A unique polished system which does not require a subsequent floor covering.

A unique fast track system for a rustic or industrial architectural finish which does not require a subsequent floor covering.

Benefits of Gypsol Flowing Screed


Gypsol flowing screed can be delivered to site ready to use removing labour intensive site mixing and associated mixing equipment. Easily pumped using Right Mix pumping service, directly to where you need it to go. Gypsol is finished using a lightweight dappling bar requiring no secondary compaction most of the physical work needed to lay other screeds.


Low manufacturing carbon footprint, producing just 26.26 kg of carbon dioxide per 1 tonne of material manufactured, compared to 900kg per tonne for cement. Low operating energy; reducing the screed depth offers the opportunity to increase insulation depth, reducing the head loss through the floor and enabling the use of insulation systems with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Low-temperature underfloor heating; Gypsol screeds offer thermal conductivity as high as 2.5 W/mK compared with 1:4 sand cement screed, which typically offers just 1.1W/mK.

A sustainable screed solution from Right Mix

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