Flowing floor screeds offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, labour intensive sand cement screeds.


Right Mix works with Gyvlon Screed to provide a high-performance anhydrite flowing and self-compacting screed to our customers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

Gyvlon® Screed are experts in free flowing, anhydrite (calcium sulphate) screeds and we are an Anhydritec® company. Anhydrite’s properties and performance give our screeds unique advantages compared to cement screeds.

Gyvlon Screed Range

Gyvlon® Screed has a full range of fluid screeds, quality controlled and manufactured in our customers’ concrete plants. Ready-to-use, they are then delivered by truck to be pumped and poured on site.

The most common Gyvlon screed in the range, Gyvlon Eco has been used successfully for years in many applications where the common theme is foot traffic. A general purpose screed, for use in most applications.

The ECO FDscreed is ideal for use on projects with tight time schedules; helping you achieve demanding deadlines while maintaining the advantages of anhydrite screed.

Having higher strength than Classic Gyvlon screed, XTR has been formulated for use where higher than normal loads are expected. Attention should be paid to the type of insulation being used in these applications.

Gyvlon Sky has been specially designed for use in high rise situations. It can be pumped into multi story buildings from ground level with ease. For use in applications over 12 floors.

Thanks to the combination of low thickness and reduced weight, Gylvon® FINIO® is the ideal flowing screed solution for projects, particularly in renovation, where ceiling heights and/or low floor weights are key.

The UKs first purpose designed screed for use over underfloor heating, with a minimum coverage of 20mm over the pipes. THERMIO+ offers a superior thermal conductivity over traditional systems.

The ultra-thin flowing screed solution. Gyvlon EXCELIO is the only factory manufactured screed that can be applied at just 12mm bonded, offering huge savings over similar bagged products.

Benefits of Gypsol Flowing Screed


Gyvlon screeds are designed to provide a level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes. It can be used as a bonded, unbonded or floating construction, it is particularly suited to use with underfloor heating.


Gyvlon, due to its fluid nature is up to ten times quicker to install than sand cement screeds. Gyvlon greatly reduces the amount of manual labour required allowing up to 2000m2 to be installed in one day.

Following installation, Gyvlon cures quickly giving sufficient strength to allow foot traffic after 24-48 hours, the floor can then be loaded after 7 days. Gyvlon forms a self-curing membrane removing the need for polythene sheeting, eliminating curling and reducing shrinkage.

A sustainable screed solution from Right Mix

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