What is Concrete Pumping? and what are the benefits?

What is Concrete Pumping? and what are the benefits?

The distinct advantages of concrete pumping make it a popular choice for commercial and domestic clients, and sometimes due to restrictions it can be the only way to place concrete quickly and effectively. At Right Mix we thought we’d share some of the benefits we’ve learned when using concrete pumps on construction projects.

What kind of pumps are available?

There are two different pumps which can be used in different situations, these are boom pumps and line pumps. There are benefits to each pump type, which are listed below.

A boom pump uses a remote controlled robotic arm to place concrete where it needs to go. Using a boom we can pump concrete at high volumes in an effective and accurate way.
A line pump uses flexible or steel hoses which are attached to the outlet of a pump. They are linked together and this results in the concrete being pumped to wherever it needs to go.

What are the benefits of using a pump?

Concrete pumping machines are equally effective and economical, whether it’s a residential project or a large sized commercial project.

Less manpower

There is no longer a need for wheelbarrows and manually transporting the concrete to the desired location, so you’ll use less manpower to get the job done! It’s also quicker and more convenient. You can reduce the costs by letting the concrete pump do the heavy lifting that would otherwise need to be done by a small team of workers.

Precision means less waste

Pumps are more precise, which means less time on the job and a reduction in waste. Pouring directly into the desired location eliminates another link in the chain of transportation. Less links mean fewer chances to waste time, energy and concrete.

Easy access

Some areas can be awkward to access and far away from the roadside. A concrete pump can easily overcome these issues by using lines to deliver the concrete over a long distance. The boom can also be used to deliver the concrete in an elevated position such as over a house or other tall structures blocking the way. Whether it’s around a corner, through an alleyway and even upstairs – concrete pumps can deliver your concrete exactly where you need it to be.

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