What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready mix concrete is a batch of concrete that is mixed before being delivered. The mix is created according to the customer’s specifications regarding amount, type and grade. To learn about the different types and grades of concrete, please visit our article.

To help you when ordering or with delivery, we have answered our customers most asked questions below.

How do I work out how much concrete I need?

The most accurate way of working out how much concrete you need for your project is our concrete calculator.

How should I prepare for the delivery?

Preparing for a concrete delivery doesn’t require any major work, but we do ask that you make sure your site is as clear as possible before we arrive, so we can get as close as possible to the desired area. This includes removing things like debris and waste, as well as larger objects such as cars parked on drives. Secondly, if you have any staff who will be working on the project, make sure they’re appropriately dressed, have the right safety and working equipment and are familiar with their responsibilities. All of this will improve the efficiency and safety of the project. Let your neighbours know about any upcoming deliveries, too: this will save them being caught off guard by the delivery – they might want to move their cars or make alternative arrangements based around the work.

For more information read our health and safety procedures.

How long does ready mix concrete take to set?

Ready mix concrete will start to set as soon as water is added. Usually, the concrete will need to be laid and levelled within two hours before the setting of the concrete makes things more difficult.

What if my site has limited access?

Please advise when ordering concrete of any issues with access. The delivery truck needs to get as close as possible to the area being placed with concrete. However, thanks to our ground and boom pumps, we can deliver concrete through tricky access routes: over roofs, walls, round corners and even up flights of stairs.

Is your ready mix concrete of a high standard?

Yes, our concrete is BSI-accredited, which means we’re certified by the leading body in our industry. Learn more about why it’s important to look for a BSI KiteMark.

Is there a minimum amount I can order?

We usually operate around a minimum order of 0.5 m3 of concrete – roughly the same as a large shed base. Of course, you can call us to discuss your requirements further and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I collect ready mix concrete?

You can collect ready mix concrete from batching plants to save on delivery costs. Please just phone ahead and let us know in advance.

How big is the vehicle that delivers?

Our concrete mixers are around 11 metres long and 3 metres wide. Should you require concrete pumping, our truck-mounted concrete pumps are here to help. We recommend having a minimum of 25 metres available to park the truck and set the pump, which can extend to 150 metres.

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