Why it’s important to look for a BSI Kitemark

Why It’s Important To Look For A BSI Kitemark

A BSI Kitemark gives a product or service immediate status – hard earned through rigorous tests at a BSI centre of excellence and through rigorous assessments. If you’re looking to make an informed decision on the products or services you buy and want peace of mind, look for the BSI Kitemark.

Right Mix went to BSI to prove that our products and services are fit for purpose and to gain an independent third-party accreditation. BSI checked, tested and inspected our products, services and the environments in which these are produced, to make sure we met the recognised industry standards. We’re proud that our ongoing level of quality and reliability has been demonstrated and we are continually awarded our BSI Kitemark after each review.

What is a BSI Kitemark?

First registered in 1903, the highly recognised BSI quality mark confirms that a product or service has been thoroughly tested and checked, time and again, and proven to meet a recognised industry standard or need. It’s a voluntary mark manufacturers and service industries use to demonstrate safety, reliability and quality.

Ensuring safety; inside and out

Choosing a BSI Kitemark product or service shows your due diligence and duty of care to your organization, staff, colleagues, partners and customers as it demonstrates that you have employed the very best standards of service, competency, delivery and fairness in your procurement activities.

93% of UK adults believe that a Kitemark product is safer. (Source: GfK NOP Survey 2006)

Minimising cost and time

The BSI Kitemark scheme offers a blue-print for better more efficient business performance with fewer mistakes. This in turn gives you the assurance that by choosing a BSI Kitemark supplier you will get more competitive quotes and a high quality of product or service. By making sure that the products or services that you specify are good, safe and reliable you can avoid any further costs or delays in replacing faulty or non-performing products.

88% of UK adults say that they trust BSI Kitemark products more than others. (Source: GfK NOP Survey 2006)

Delivering consistent quality and reliability

The essence of a BSI Kitemark scheme is that it ensures the delivery of a safe, fair product or service of consistent quality. This is monitored through the on-going assessment that every BSI Kitemark company has to undergo to maintain their BSI Kitemark status. Any company not maintaining the BSI Kitemark standards will have their BSI Kitemark withdrawn. You can be sure therefore that a BSI Kitemark product will deliver the quality you expect.

91% of UK adults state that a BSI Kitemark reassures them of quality. (Source: GfK NOP Survey 2006)

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